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lili fourmestraux
paris - london
Graphic Communication
Design student at the Central Saint Martins

this website features

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les mains sales

(dirty hands)

on how women are always referred to
as someone’s wife, or daughter, or cousin.
she won’t have any of her own value or
appeal if not related to a famous man.

same goes for “imagine if it was your
women are human beings before being
someone’s relatives. you should care
about them without knowing them.

here, French philosopher Sartre is introduced on the cover of his play Les Mains Sales as Simone de Beauvoir’s husband. both of them were extremely famous and influential, yet Sartre is always mentioned when presenting “Simone” (with the propension of calling her by her surname only). when talking about Sartre of course, no need to talk about the impact of Beauvoir’s thinking on his work and writings.

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