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junior designer
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Central Saint Martins

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lili fourmestraux
paris - london
Graphic Communication
Design student at the Central Saint Martins

this website features

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collection & recollection

from top to bottom: what did innocence feel like?
what was the first poem you learn by heart?
did you and your parents have one ritual you loved?

collection & recollection is an introspection protocole through the navigation of memories. relying on episodic memory — the remembrance of ‘past personal experiences that occurred at a particular time and place’ — it aims to give a physicality to the invisible reality of human memory.
with the intervention of chance through a deck of cards, users answer randomly picked questions about their past. the data collected from various individuals becomes a collective map where topography is carefully crafted according to a merge of traditional map codes and childish aesthetic. it is a project about sharing intimacy, shaping the outlines of identity and « mapping the invisible or the unattainable or the erasable, the future or the past, the wathever-is-not-here-present-to-our-senses-now », as Denis Wood stated in his book The Power of Maps.

foldable maps, cards and protocole, january 2020

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