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Central Saint Martins

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lili fourmestraux
paris - london
Graphic Communication
Design student at the Central Saint Martins

this website features

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Radioactivity Effects

on Human Cells I

located doses of radiation killing
cancer cells or slowing their growth
etching, silkscreen, february 2020

Radioactivity Effects

on Human Cells II

DNA damage leading to cancerous tumors
etching, silkscreen, february 2020

     “This work revolves around the common misconception of radioactivity, mostly initiated by the dreadful incidents of the past  century. Far from a political statement on nuclear benefits or dangers, it is an educational approach through illustration, mimicking the style of Victorian era etchings and anatomical charts.
I chose to rely on a relatable and approachable perspective instead of a truly scientifically-driven one so as to engage easily with a potential unaware viewer.
    More than anything else, radioactivity is a physical phenomenon, whose radiation threat depends on various parameters. It is surrounding us in ways that we ignore, but learning about them might mitigate the fear we nurture as a society through ignorance and hoaxes.”

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